This Avignon travel guide shares the best things to do in Avignon.

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Bienvenue à Avignon, France! In this captivating video, we invite you to explore the top things to do and see in this charming Provençal city.

Step into history at the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), an awe-inspiring medieval palace that was once the seat of the Catholic Church during the 14th century. Marvel at its grand architecture, wander through the opulent chambers, and learn about its significance in European history.

Stroll across the iconic Pont Saint-Bénézet, also known as the Pont d’Avignon, a medieval bridge that stretches across the Rhône River. Explore its fascinating history and enjoy panoramic views of the city and the river.

Discover the vibrant atmosphere of the Place de l’Horloge, Avignon’s main square. Admire the clock tower and the historic facades of the surrounding buildings, and indulge in the local cafes and shops.

Immerse yourself in art and culture at the Musée du Petit Palais, a gem of a museum featuring a collection of exquisite paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

Experience the beauty of the Palais des Papes lit up during the Festival d’Avignon, a renowned theater festival that attracts artists and performers from around the world.

Explore the historic ramparts that encircle the city, providing scenic views of Avignon and the surrounding countryside. Take a leisurely walk along the walls and imagine the city’s medieval past.

Indulge in the flavors of Provençal cuisine at local restaurants and cafes. Sample regional dishes infused with herbs, olive oil, and fresh produce, and don’t miss the opportunity to savor local wines.

Visit the Rocher des Doms, a beautiful park offering panoramic views of Avignon and the Rhône River. Enjoy a leisurely stroll, relax in the shade of the trees, and take in the beauty of the landscape.

Join us as we uncover the hidden gems and must-visit attractions of Avignon, a city that exudes history, culture, and the romantic spirit of Provence.

Get ready to be captivated by the allure of Avignon in this immersive video experience. So, pack your bags, and let the adventure begin in this remarkable city where history, art, and French charm await!

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