Chiang Mai offers tradition, culture, crafts, food, adventure, temples, mountains, scenery and a whole host of attractions for visitors of every taste. My guide provides advice on the city and excursions in the region as well as where to stay and what to see. Chiang Mai caters for tourists on all budgets and is a fantastic place to visit for a few days or even longer.

Many budget flights take passengers to Chiang Mai from all over Thailand each day. It is quick and easy to get around the city and alot of attractions are walkable from the old city. Whilst the naughty nightlife isn’t as visible as places like Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya there is still a lively entertainment zone to explore.

The climate in mountainous Northern Thailand is usually slightly cooler than the South of the country although it is sensible to avoid visiting during ‘burning season’ due to the poor air quality which can start in January and often lasts until mid-April. Chiang Mai is well worth visiting as a contrast to the beautiful beaches in the South and the chaos of Bangkok.

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