Hi travel friend, I’m beyond excited to finally share all my travel tips about Mexico City with you. I love the super crazy city with almost 10 min inhabitants, the people, the culture and the incredibly good food. If you’ve also been dreaming of exploring the city, watch this video and get inspired. πŸ‡²πŸ‡½
I divided the video into 8 chapters:

βœ… How is Mexico City overall? 0:35
βœ… Transportation (Public, Uber, Cycling) 1:50
βœ… Food in Mexico City 4:20
βœ… Safety & Travelling alone 4:50
βœ… Money & Restaurant Tipping 5:47
βœ… Best time to travel to Mexico City 6:36
βœ… Best neighbourhoods to stay 7:13
βœ… Activities you can’t miss in CDMX 8:23
In the video I share the following activities:
βœ… Soumaya Museum 8:27
βœ… Teotihuacan Pyramids 8:46
βœ… Red Bus Tour 9:06
βœ… Xochimilco 9:53
βœ… Museums incl. Palacio de Bellas Artes & Frida Kahlo House 10:24
βœ… Library Vasconcelos 11:20
βœ… Downtown Day 11:49
βœ… Downtown Markets: Mercado de San Juan & Mercado de ArtesanΓ­as La Ciudadela 14:18
βœ… Chapultepec Castle, Zoo and Park 14:47

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xx, Karo

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PS: None of the restaurants or sights mentioned in the video sponsored me to mention them. All recommendations come from my heart with the intention to make your next trip to Mexico City extra special.

PPS: Please note that all travel tips shared are not subject to review and are based on my personal knowledge and experience. I don’t assume any liability for possible health damages caused by following any recommendation of this video.