Switzerland is very exciting to be visited during Summer (June, July, August and September) since pretty much all of the attractions are open. The country will be fully green, the days long and the weather warm. There will usually be a lot of sun and you can enjoy fantastic views over the Swiss Alps, roam around villages or cities or do more adventurous activities. Zurich is great to be visited during Summer, it’s warm, vibrant and there will be a lot of street cafes. Stroll through the alleys and walk along the Limmat quay or hang out at the Bellevue to enjoy Lake Zurich and the view to the Swiss Alps. The Rhone glacier at the Furka passroad is a highlight during Summer. You can visit the ice cave inside the glacier and overall enjoy a great drive up to the pass and down to the canton of Valais. You may also go for the Furka steam railway train that is one of the best nostalgic attractions of Switzerland. The rhinefalls is the highest river waterfall of Europe. It can be visited from the side of Schaffhausen or Zurich, where the first one is in general better. You can take the boat to the rock and stand in the middle of the waterfall. Otherwise take a boat to the side of Zurich, enjoy the views from the balconies and head up to the castle. Lake Lugano region is very exciting during Summer. You can visit the town of Lugano, head up to Mount San Salvatore or have a quiet time at the villages of Morcote or Gandria. Lugano is one of the most visited Swiss cities during Summer. The Giessbach falls are one of the best in all of Switzerland. There are 14 waterfalls that enchant any visitor. There is also the oldest still operating funicular of Switzerland and a nostalgic hotel. The grand hotel Giessbach. The interior is very beautiful and romantic. The Lavaux are the Swiss vineyard terraces at Lake Geneva. There are many great hiking trails among the vineyards and also the villages of Epesses and Saint-Saphorin. Besides the wine terraces you can also visit the Château de Chillon, Switzerland’s most beautiful castle by the lake. The Valle Verzasca is in Ticino and is the home to some of the best bathing places in Switzerland. There is the village of Lavertezzo that charms with its roman bridge and the clear waters. Also, visit the villages of Corippo and Sonogno, true gems in the Verzasca Valley. You may also go for a bungee jump at the Verzasca dam that is only possible to do during Summer in Switzerland. The Oeschinensee is one of the top attractions in all of Switzerland during Summer. Here you can have one of the best hikes and views in the Swiss Alps. The lake is very beautiful with its striking color but also enjoy the panorama with the Alps and the roller coaster that is just next to the cabin station. The Lauterbrunnen Valley, the valley of 72 waterfalls is one of the most visited regions in Switzerland during Summer. Many people come to Lauterbrunnen to see the many waterfalls, head up to Jungfrau or the Schilthorn. The village of Lauterbrunnen is also enchanting. The most beautiful place among the top 10 during Summer in Switzerland is the Aletsch Glacier. Here you can have one of the best alpine panoramas, see the massive bent of the glacier from the Eggishorn and have a great hike down to the eternal ice. The Aletsch glacier is the largest glacier of the Alps, 23 km of natural ice!

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